St. Augustine

St. AugustineThe City of St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States, and was founded by the Spanish Admiral Pedro Menendez on September 8, 1565. The city has a population of 13,000 and is the headquarters for the Florida National Guard.

The city is a popular travel destination, for its Spanish colonial-era buildings as well as elite 19th century architecture. The city’s historic center is anchored by St. George Street, which is lined with historic homes from various periods. Most of these homes are reconstructions of buildings that had been burned or demolished over the years.

The Oldest City has a total area of 10.7 square miles, as well as access to the Atnaltic Ocean via the St. Augusitine inlet of the Matanzas River. Areas of interest include the Fountain of Youth, Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse, The King’s Bakery, St. Augustine Lighthouse, Ponce deLeon Hotel, Casa Monica Hotel, Bridge of Lions, the Alligator Farm. St. Augustine is also home to many of the country’s oldest churches, including Grace United Methodist Church, Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, Memorial Presbyterian Church and Trinity Church of St. Augustine.

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