Buying a Home

When you’re looking to buy a property, whether it’s a luxury oceanfront estate, a small investment property, or anything in between – you need the best advice and most experienced professionals around. Boselli Clark agents are recognized as some of the best REALTOR® professionals in the business. Each of our hand-picked agents is highly motivated, well-educated and properly supported by the latest technology & training in the business.

Purchasing a home can be an overwhelming experience. Markets change daily, inventories fluctuate, negotiations are oftentimes difficult, properties need repair, and finances can sometimes be uncertain.  All of these variables can take a toll on emotions, adding unwanted stress to an already hectic life. Engaging the services of a local, professional REALTOR® will most likely relieve some, if not most, of that stress.

Boselli Clark agents are backed by a thorough hands-on training program, as well as the latest technology to ensure each buyer achieves the goal of homeownership in the most efficient and stress-free way possible. Our agents offer a unique skill set to Jacksonville and Ponte Veda home buyers. We have a long track record of working with other area brokers, and achieving success.  Each agent is expertly trained in helping identify your goals, qualifying properties for you, specific property evaluation, contract negotiation skills, repairs, financing and numerous other aspects of the transaction.

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Boselli Clark Difference

In general, the average real estate agent is somewhat helpful in navigating the home buying process – but oftentimes the ultimate goal is to sell a property, regardless of whether the property fits a budget and a lifestyle. Our buyer specialists are trained to work with you in helping identify an appropriately priced, well-matched property which fits your expectations. We will oftentimes debate the advantages AND disadvantages of a particular property with you, in order to help determine if it is a good fit for you long-term. I challenge you to find a brokerage that will do that in today’s market.

Boselli Clark Buyers Agents will:

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When Should I Use a Buyer’s Agent?

We get it. You’re excited about the thought of purchasing a new home! You search the internet, identify a few properties, and then get in the car and drive. You like what you see – so you call the phone number on the sign and speak with the listing agent – you know, the one who actually has a relationship with the SELLER. Oftentimes buyers forget that the listing agent may have developed a strong relationship with the seller, a bond that was formed years before taking the listing. Sometimes one broker navigating the transaction for both the seller and buyer can inadvertently cause a seller to have a slight advantage in negotiating price and terms. It can happen on an existing home, and it can happen when you go directly to a builder in a new community.  Boselli Clark suggests working with a broker, or perhaps a different agent within that brokerage, one who is disinterested in the listing, when purchasing a home, whether it’s a newly constructed or already existing home.

We Suggest:

In addition, a Buyer Representative will:

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